The Sage

Executive Adviser

Teaching leaders how to engage, care about their employees,
and build lasting relationships. Focusing on more than profits.
Focusing on how to succeed.

From where to start, how to grow, who to hire,
what technology is best, and everything in between.

Our Founder & CEO, Meade Kincke, brings an extensive background with over 20 years of experience, including advising and holding C-Suite roles with startup, SMB, and Fortune 500 companies across a myriad of industries.

His expertise spans navigating through business and technical complexities, building and mentoring high-performing teams, and developing forward-thinking strategies that align with overall goals.

Mr. Kincke can help you find balance and achieve success,
given you are open to the experience.


"Extremely Talented And Intelligent"

"When I first met Mr. Kincke, I could tell he was not only extremely talented and intelligent, but also very passionate. Mr. Kincke demonstrated his extensive knowledge and how important automation and security are to successful businesses. He has a strong background working with a variety of businesses and technologies. Mr. Kincke has a solid background in growing businesses."
- Morten Skovgaard
Head of Technology, Classifieds

"Great Dedication, Drive, And The Wisdom"

"While working with Mr. Kincke, I have seen great dedication, drive, and the wisdom that comes from vast experience. With Mr. Kincke's excellent teaching skills, we are significantly improving the capabilities of our scientific instrument. The project has been so successful, due to Mr. Kincke’s help, that I intend to expand and train more of our team."
- Darryl Spencer
Director of Software Engineering,

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